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Commercial containerYou’ve got jobs to do, big jobs, and you need a quick custom container solution you can use on your next work site. Our containers come in convenient 10', 20' and 40' lengths to meet your space needs so you can get down to business.

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Typical commercial applications include Containers for construction companies, resource companies (with field crews), electricians, builders and real estate developers. Our containers are especially handy for those times when you need to reorganize a warehouse, complete an office move, or store permanent overstock or inventory that cannot be accommodated in existing warehouse facilities, such as seasonal items.

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Every Containeroo container is a simple, rectangular box made of 12-gauge corten steel with two big cargo doors at one end secured with four cam locks renowned for their security. Because containers are not on wheels, they do not require licenses, permits or inspections to be transported – and any towing company can carry them. They can also be transported by crane directly into a hole on a work site or at the top of a building. It is also possible to transport units by helicopter into remote work sites.

Looking for a permanent structure?

Containeroom container office units are our modified version of a storage container. With the assistance of an architectural technologist, we build custom manufactured and branded units featuring insulation, drywall, air conditioning, heat, wall outlets and drafting and lunchroom tables. We can even add luxuries like LCD screens and high speed Internet! Check out our gallery of custom applications!


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