Our Container Delivery Promise

Simple, speedy, safe, sound storage solutions.

When you’re looking for a container company to handle your storage project, you need someone who can deliver fast and easy solutions. Look no further.

Ordering your Containeroo container is an easy 3-step process.

  1. Contact us through our website or call us at 403.998.3258

  2. We deliver your container to your home or business site.

  3. We pick your container up once you’re done with it!

As low as $4/day. Rent yours today!

Delivery Container

For all rental orders

All you have to do is contact Containeroo by giving us a quick phone call or email. We’ll do an assessment of your needs based on your unique situation and your container will be dropped off and picked up for your use at a site of your choosing upon your request. Fees are billed to major credit cards monthly.

For all sales orders

delivery containerOur consultation process determines what basic modifications you will need done to your container (such as windows and doors), and from there we take your requests to our technical engineer to make the idea viable and to provide an accurate quotation.

After you accept the quote, a 30% deposit is accepted to order required supplies, complete modifications and organize transport. The final 70% is due upon delivery and approval.

Some things to consider when ordering your container

  1. What geographical area does your business serve?
  2. How many job sites are you operating?
  3. How many employees are on the average job site?
  4. What are you currently using for onsite storage and office facilities?

What you can expect from Containeroo

delivery containerEvery Containeroo storage container meets the following quality standards:

  • No rust, no dents, and no oil on the inside floors
  • Spotless inside and out
  • No dust or road dirt
  • Smooth door operation
  • An odourless interior
  • On time delivery, as promised

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Proudly serving all of Central Alberta

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